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"As something falls from a high position to a low position, it gains kinetic energy by losing gravitational potential.” It is a sentence that could belong in any physics textbook. But Associate Professor Yamaguchi Hiroya is not discussing the quintessential student problem of dropping an object into a well. Instead, he is describing the formation of the largest structures in the Universe: galaxy clusters. The activity within these cosmological monoliths have long remained unclear, but this is set to change with the launch of the XRISM X-ray Space Observatory next fiscal year.

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起動しない7000円フルセットのジャンクXBOX ONEを修理!!

September 23, 2022

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Research highlights: The “Stony Materials Initial Analysis Team” have published their first results from the initial analysis of the asteroid Ryugu sample returned by the Hayabusa2 mission in the international journal Science.

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Two asteroids. Two countries. Two incredible missions! JAXA's Hayabusa2 and NASA's OSIRIS-REx visited two asteroid, Ryugu and Bennu. This week, the teams get together to answer your questions on social media.

ブルーレイレコーダー ハードディスク交換 トラブル編

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On June 8, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that the study phase for the Comet Interceptor mission was complete, and the mission had been formally approved for construction for a scheduled launch in 2029. Comet Interceptor is an ESA-led mission with JAXA participation, and the news was eagerly received by the Comet Interceptor team at ISAS.

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Excitement is mounting for the inaugural launch of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS). But onboard one of the largest rockets ever built are two of the world's smallest spacecraft that will help test technology for future human exploration.

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ブルーレイレコーダー ハードディスク交換 前編

The accumulation of dust on the solar panels of NASA's InSight Mars Lander is set to bring the mission to a close this summer. But extraterrestrial seismometry is just beginning, explain our researchers.


Despite being a researcher and keen on quantitative descriptions, I chose more intuitive and fun title for this article. But what does it actually mean when we say that the Sun is “energetic”? In this article, we’ll take a look at how solar activity has been increasing during the 2020s, and the significance of solar observations by future missions such as Solar-C (EUVST).

It has been a record breaking year for discovering ancient celestial objects, including a candidate for the oldest galaxy ever observed. Our researchers take a look at what comes next.

As with all sounding rockets, the flight was brief and the 8m long rocket dropped into the sea eight minutes after launch. Splashing down alongside the rocket were records of the flight on a chip embedded in JAXA’s newest re-entry capsule. That data would reveal that for six seconds above the Earth, the S-520-31 was powered by a new type of rocket engine in the first successful space flight demonstration in the world.

At the end of 2020, a near-Earth asteroid was discovered that was dubbed 2020 XL5. Further analysis of the asteroid's orbit published last month revealed that this new discovery was actually an Earth Trojan: an asteroid that shares the Earth's orbit around the Sun. ISAS researchers discuss this new discovery, and plans for future exploration.